Dir.san. Eriberta Ros Aut.San. n°6 del 22-11-2010.

Anesthesia in veterinary medicine has made significant progress over the past decade so that, in domestic animals such as humans, surgical procedures are free of pain.

The animal in our facility before being anesthetized, then undergoes general anesthesia visit continues with the three steps required by good medical practice:

  • premedication: the animal is sedated by an intramuscular injection to reduce the anxiety and give analgesia.
  • surgical anesthesia :the animal was intubated and reaches a state of unconsciousness, analgesia and muscle relaxation adequate for the operation, which must undergo. At this stage, are constantly monitored vital signs.
  • awakening: the animal recovers its vital functions and are somminiustrati proper medications for his personalized pain therapy.